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Septic Dye Test:

This is a useful test of a septic system. It is performed by placing dye in a toilet, flushing the dye into the system, and running water (a minimum 150 gallons or 50 gallons per bedroom) into the system to look for signs of blockage in the building, backup in the building, or breakout of sewage leakage anywhere on or around the property.

The septic dye test will disclose some septic system failures and is especially useful in disclosing seepage failures. The dye test can also prove that preexisting wet areas, because of the dye, came from the septic system. I am able to perform this test for you at the time of the inspection for a $50 fee.

Again, the septic dye is a useful test but it will NOT reveal every septic failure condition. For important additional information about the septic system have the septic tank opened and pumped by a qualified septic system contractor before the close of the sale. You should be present for this pumping. An experienced septic system contractor can tell you a lot about the system from an examination inside the tank.

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