A Review:
Just Add H2Oh! (A Recipe for Hydronic Marketing Success)

by Dan Holohan © 1997 189 pages.

Reviewed by Arlene Puentes, October Home Inspections

On the first page of chapter one, hydronic heating lecturer and writer Dan Holohan describes a man who succeeded in making a very tough sale and, with his success, made international history. Holohan uses the word “enthusiasm” to describe this manís approach. He tells us that this man did everything with other peoplesí best interests in mind.

Holohan took his own advice when crafting this marketing book. Every page shows his enthusiasm for the hydronics business and in every page he keeps his readerís best interest in mind. You'll put down this book and say, “This guy wants me to succeed. He knows I can succeed. I know I can succeed.”

In addition to coming away with a positive outlook, so important to business success, you'll get practical marketing ideas. Among the things you'll learn are powerful advertising approaches, useful writing techniques and sound pricing advice.

Does his advice apply to only to the hydronic heating business? Absolutely not. Holohan makes a point of telling his readers to look around at the marketing used by companies in other fields. Use what works, shun what offends. Don't let this bookís title fool you. With humor and clarity Holohan gives you the tools to make your business grow.

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Review by Arlene Puentes, October Home Inspections